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Creating Content During COVID-19

After most of the country went into lockdown mid-March, industries from entertainment to finance faced the undeniable fact that business was going to be different. With more people at home and online than ever before, virtual and remote work, events, and day-to-day life became the norm. Our clients came to us with their production challenges.

How can we create a virtual gala?
Can we remotely produce a keynote speaker discussion?
What is the best and safest option for our shoot?

Our motto has always been “we work how you need us to work.” Whether you’re looking for full-service production for a virtual event or simply need help with looking your best on Zoom, we offer a variety of production solutions and everything in between.

Remote Production and Direction

At the onset of the pandemic with lockdowns in full effect, we were restricted to creating content in our own homes. Zoom quickly became our close friend, allowing us to efficiently connect with clients, brainstorm, and even produce content – virtually! Our directors are able to virtually direct talent in real-time, providing the talent with tips on filming themselves in their home. Depending on the project, we’ve recorded directly from Zoom, had the talent film with their phones, used our elevated webcam and lighting packages, or a combination of the three. Additionally, our clients can easily tune in to further ensure the desired shot is captured.

Live Streaming

Restrictions on public spaces and social distancing requirements created the demand for live streaming and virtual events. From virtual graduations to fully produced galas, we’ve become well versed with various formats and requests for live streaming. Both with in-person crews and without, we’ve done projects that were completely pre-recorded, edited, and packaged while other projects have been completely live and broadcasted to a streaming platform of choice. It’s even possible to do a combination of pre-recorded and live elements, rolled into one seamless event. Now that practically everyone is used to the virtual format, new ways of connecting and streaming are being developed nearly everyday.

Small Crews and Set Safety

Fortunately, over the past few months we’ve been able to return to on-set shoots with small crews and adherence to safety protocols and guidelines. Whether in a personal home or studio, our top priority is and always has been maintaining a safe working environment for everyone involved. Before returning to set, our team conducted in-depth research on CDC safety guidelines as well as specific state and city protocols. We even developed a comprehensive PDF with COVID safety guidelines which we shared with our crew and clients. Socially distanced sets, streamlines crews, use of PPE, and frequent sanitation are all key to ensuring a safe and comfortable shoot. In effort to keep the crew size small, our director and clients can also partake in the shoot virtually. With the help from an encoding tech, we’re able to share the camera and audio feed directly to the video streaming platform, making it possible for our team and clients to direct, review, and approve every shot from the safety of their own homes.

Graphics, Animations, and Asset Repurposing

Our expert team of creatives can craft a compelling piece for any project and budget from full storyboarding and scripting to a simple graphics package. Have a talking head video that needs a little extra liveliness? We can create a graphics package unique to any company’s brand including, but not limited to, lower-thirds, title cards, animated logos, and transitions. Why not replace the standard PowerPoint presentation with an animated fly-through demonstrating a big idea? Animation and illustrative based projects also make excellent alternatives to live-action shoots. They’re especially effective for informational and instructional videos, especially when an idea may be too difficult or costly to conduct in real life. Another excellent alternative to live-action is repurposing pre-existing assets and footage or using stock footage. Along with updated music, editing, creative treatments, and even professional voice overs, old footage can take on a new life.

Getting Creative

With it having been nearly a year since the pandemic’s onset, “Zoom fatigue” has become a very much real thing. Everyday we are faced with the challenge of keeping content engaging, exciting, and fresh; however, just because we may be confined to a virtual space does not mean that there’s a limit on creativity. From staging interesting backdrops in one’s home to incorporating dynamic graphics, we are always discovering new ways to upgrade our content while overcoming the obstacles presented by this pandemic. We look to talk shows, film makers, and even reality television to gain insight on what solutions are being implemented in the industry. It’s part of our job to stay in-the-know on what’s new, what’s engaging, and what works. We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt and are looking forward to what the rest of 2021 has in store for us!

If you are looking for safe production and great content, drop us an email!